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The Importance of Wearing a Sports Bra

We at Pure Lime consider a good sports bra to be the most essential element of your training outfit. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no ‘one-size-fits all’. That’s why we offer a diverse selection of sports bras, suitable for every body type and physical activity. Whether it's running, practicing yoga, or lifting weights, wearing the right sports bra is essential and offers numerous benefits.


Supports your breasts and protects the breast tissue
ღ Minimizes painful bouncing
Prevents back, shoulder, and neck pain
Prevents skin and nipple irritation
Keeps you dry during your workout
Provides a feminine and sporty look
Enhances your performance


The breast itself has no muscles but is made up of three main tissues:

ღ Glandular tissue
ღ Connective tissue
ღ Fatty tissue

The breast tissues are sensitive and require extra support during exercise. This is particularly crucial during high-impact activities that cause the breasts to bounce such as running and jumping. A good sports bra will apply pressure to the chest to minimize movement from all angles, preventing painful bouncing as well as neck, shoulder and back pain. The more support you can provide to the breast tissue, the better. 



Our High-Impact Sports Bras utilize a combination of encapsulation and compression techniques. Encapsulation ensures that each breast is supported individually, while compression applies pressure to minimize movement of the breast. This design is specifically beneficial for sports activities such as running. All of our sports bras feature moulded cups that have no elasticity, allowing the cup to adapt to your breast, providing a round shape and optimal fit. This also means that there are no seams that can cause irritation for those with sensitive skin or nipples.


The sports bras come with wide, adjustable straps that allow you to adjust the positioning of the breast and ensure the cups stay in place. Additionally, all the High-Impact Bras come with a cross-back option, which can help reduce pressure on your neck and shoulders by evenly distributing the weight.


Our Sports bras feature a wide and soft underband for increased comfort and support. The Compression Bra, Padded Athletic Bra and Support Bra are all equipped with an adjustable clasp at the back so you can tailor the fit to your preferences. This feature also makes it easier to put on the sports bra and remove it after a sweaty workout. 


If you experience intense sweat during your workouts, practice hot yoga, or love outdoor training during hot summer days, then wearing the right sports bra can help. All the Pure Lime collections are designed to handle the sweat of intense exercise. The Compression Bra is designed with CoolMax material to keep you cool and dry during your training. The Support Bra and Invisible Top feature mesh details that provide ventilation while adding a stylish touch. Our seamless bra tops are made from moisture-wicking fabric to prevent sweat build-up. 


We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable during their training. Whether you choose High-Impact Sports Bras, Seamless or Invisible Power, all our sports bras and tops are designed to provide optimal support without restricting any movement during physical activity.