Choosing the right sports bra depends on several factors, including the size of your breasts and what kind of support you need during the physical activity you enjoy. Wearing the right fit will not only protect your breast tissue but also provide comfort and boost your confidence during training.

The right size

No matter the size of your breasts, wearing a sports bra/top is necessary during any physical activity.

When selecting a sports bra, the first step is to accurately measure your bust and band to find the right fit. Our breasts can undergo changes over time and bra size can vary, so to be 100% sure about your size, it’s best to use a measuring band and avoid any guesswork. The bigger your bust, the more support you need.

The right level of support

The type of sports bra you choose will depend on the degree of impact your training involves.

If you practice low-impact activities such as yoga, you might want to consider our Seamless Collection. If you enjoy high-impact activities that involve bouncing of the breasts such as running, riding horses and crossfit, then our High Impact Sports Bras is a great choice. Keep in mind, the higher the impact, the more support your training bra should provide.

You can find our size guide HERE. If you encounter any problems when choosing the size, you are always welcome to write to us if you need guidance.


How should your sports bra fit

The cups

The cups of the bra should be large enough to comfortably fit your breasts. If your breasts create a cleavage while wearing the bra or they spill out over the cups, then the it is probably too small for you. If there are wrinkles or gaps in the fabric, then the cups are likely too large.

The underband

The underband should not be too tight or leave marks on the skin. It should sit evenly and firmly around your body and not ride up your back.

The straps

The straps digging into your shoulders may indicate that the bra is too small. You should be able to fit two fingers between the straps and your skin. If the straps are slipping down, they are too loose. The straps should sit firmly but comfortably on your shoulders.



Pure Lime currently offers 3 collections, which include sports bras and tops specifically designed to provide optimal support for all types of activities.


The Seamless Collection

High Impact Sports Bras

The seamless collection is ideal for activities that require light support such as yoga, Pilates, strength training and cycling. The tops are made from incredibly soft and flexible fabric that accommodates any body type. They offer light pressure against the chest and feature non-adjustable straps. The seamless collection is also perfect for everyday use, providing a comfortable and stylish look.

Invisible Power Collection 

The Invisible Top is versatile and optimal for a large range of activities. The material has a lightweight feel but is firmer than our seamless tops, providing more compression. These qualities make the Invisible top suitable for activities that require higher support such as functional training, hiking and tennis.


High-Impact Bras Collection

The High-Impact Bras are particularly well-suited for high-impact activities that involve receptive bouncing of the breast, such as running and jumping. The bras have thick yet soft, adjustable straps and a cross-back option. They feature both compression and encapsulation to keep the breasts supported and in place
September 07, 2023
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